Bread + Butter Bakery: From scratch variety of breads, buns, pastries savoury and sweet! Our bread wall filled with a range of breads from our signature sourdough to rustic baguettes and using local whole wheat to make our sesame whole wheat loaves. Our pastries are a nice mix of savoury sweets with a different feature we have each day.



Our Bread is made using a wild yeast starter and a poolish.

Once the dough is blended, it is folded several times to create a unique crumb. Mix-ins are added if necessary, then the dough is divided, shaped and left for an overnight proof. Early the next morning, each loaf is scored, steamed and baked in our beautiful top-of-the-line oven. This is a 20-hour process and is so worth the time!

What is a wild yeast starter?

Using flour and water, a wild yeast is created from a ‘feeding schedule’ which produces a unique and special flavour. Our Baker first created her starter, “Beauty & the Yeast”, in 2019 and it is used in all the naturally levain breads in the bakery.

What is a poolish?

A poolish is a mixture of flour, water and baker’s yeast combined 24 hours ahead, resulting in a lovely airy loaf.

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